Why Choose Scaler Tips Depot™?

Genuine SCALER TIPS DEPOT™ tips are made of premium quality biocompatible surgical grade steel and will not rust even after 300 sterilization cycles.  

They will not not crack even after 1000 working hours.  The tips spray water evenly for effective cleaning and cooling.  They have a very long life span due to a fine polishing process at the instrument edge. 

 They are direct replacement for EMS™-style and Acteon™/Satalec™-style and ultrasonic-style scaler tips and inserts.   

The problem of worn and defective scaler tips and inserts:

 Worn scaling tips do not scale effectively and can overheat and cause discomfort to patients.


Ineffective scaling with worn out tips and inserts can result in treatment failure.  

Poor quality replacement scaler tips rust easily and have a 35% cracking rate within 10 working hours.

Non-FDA registered or incompatible tips can pose a liability to your practice. 


Generic scaler tips do not spray water evenly.  The slanted water spray is inadequate to clean teeth and keep the tip cool.

Genuine tips from Scaler Tips Depot™ spray evenly for effective cleaning and cooling.

 Calculating the cost savings for your practice that SCALER TIPS DEPOT™ can offer:

Our FDA registered tips and inserts are compatible and cost 70% less than tips from the scaler manufacturer, so you can enjoy highly efficient scaling while lowering the cost of care:

Cost of piezo scaler tip from the manufacturer: $95.  Cost of compatible tip from SCALER TIPS DEPOT™ : $32.  A savings of $63 per tip! 

Cost of magnetostrictive ultrasonic inserts from the manufacturer: $135.  Cost of our compatible inserts from SCALER TIPS DEPOT™: $92. A savings of $43 per insert!

 Our ultrasonic-style inserts are compatible with the following magnetostrictive ultrasonic scalers:

Cavitron™, Scalex™, Sonatron™, Parkell™, Power Plus™, Biosonic™, South East Instruments Autoscaler™, Hu-Friedy Swerv™, Bonart™, Lil’ Beaver™ and others. 

Our EMS™-style piezo scaler tips are compatible with the following piezo ultrasonic scalers:

 EMS Piezon 150™, EMS Piezon 250™, EMS Piezon Master 700™, EMS Air-Flow Master Piezon™, EMS Mini Piezon™, Scalex 880™, Bonart™, SuperSon EIE™, EMS Piezon Master 400™, Parkell (Piezo)™, Dent America™, Woodpecker and others.

Our Acteon/Satalec™-style piezo scaler tips are compatible with the following piezo ultrasonic scalers:

 Acteon Newtron P5™, Acteon Newtron P5 XS™, Vista P5™, NSK™, ENAC™, Sybron Endo™, Obtura Spartan™, ADEC™, J.Morita™, Dentsply/Tulsa™, Amdent™, DTE, and others.

How to Order the right scaler tip or insert for your scaling unit:

The wrong scaler tip can damage the threads on your handpiece or overheat your scaling unit, so it helps to have expert technical support.  You will enjoy talking to the experts at SCALER TIPS DEPOT™.


 Email us at support@scalertipsdepot.com for help in selecting compatible tips or inserts for your brand of scaler.  We look forward to helping you deliver highly effective scaling outcomes to your patients and get compliments and referrals while lowering the cost of care.