How does scaling and root planing affect alveolar bone density?

Methods: Thirteen subjects with a total of 39 sites that presented with >3 mm of vertical bone loss were included. Radiographs were taken prior to treatment and were repeated 6 months following scaling and root planing. 

Results: Digital subtraction radiography revealed an increase in radiographic density in 101 of the 117 test regions (83.3%). A significant increase in bone density was seen in probing depths >5 mm compared to those <5 mm in depth. 

Conclusions:  Scaling and root planing of diseased periodontal pockets can significantly increase radiographic alveolar bone density 

For more information please refer to: 

Journal of PeriodontologyVolume 79, Issue 9 

Effect of Scaling and Root Planing on Alveolar Bone as Measured by Subtraction Radiography 

You-Jeong Hwang, Matthew Jonas Fien, Sam-Sun Lee, Tae-Il Kim, Yang-Jo Seol et Al.