How effective is subgingival scaling and root planing in calculus removal?

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Methods: A total of 119 teeth in 25 patients were selected; 62 were scaled and 57 were used as controls. The levels of the gingival margin were marked on the teeth to locate supra and subgingival calculus. Both scaled and unsealed teeth were viewed under a stereomicroscope. 

Results: There was a a high correlation between percent of residual calculus and pocket depth. Pockets less than 3 mm were the easiest sites for scaling and root planing. 

Conclusion: Pocket depths between 3 to 5 mm were more difficult to scale.  Pockets deeper than 5 mm were the most difficult. Tooth type did not influence the results.  

For more information please refer to: 

Journal of PeriodontologyVolume 52, Issue 3 

The Effectiveness of Subgingival Scaling and Root Planing in Calculus Removal 

Guity M. Rabbani, Major M. Ash, Raul G. Caffesse

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